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If your radio commercial fails to resonate, motivate, or inspire the person on the other end,
why would you spend good money to put it on the air?

If your message is anemic, you're wasting your advertising dollars.
First and foremost:  get the message right!
 Everything else will follow....

A great radio commercial will grab the listener's attention,
capture the imagination, arouse the emotion, empower the intellect, and compel to action.

We'd love to help you create engaging, customer-focused radio commercials. 

  • We'll help you talk to (not at) your prospect.

  • With over 35 years' experience in developing effective radio advertising, we can provide you with a solution, not just another script.  We'll work with you to develop your campaign strategy, refine your creative concept, and give legs (or wings!) to your ideas.

  • Already have a radio script that's close?  We can help you polish it to perfection!  By the piece or by the project - contact us for samples and a free estimate.

Questions?  Comments?
Call 1-888-472-2388 or e-mail

    "If one were to study a product's real meaning and value to people, and use advertising to resonate with the experiences a person has in relation to a product, it would...create the most effective advertising."
- Tony Schwartz, The Responsive Chord

    "Get your positioning and your programs implemented properly, and the numbers will come."
- Jack Trout, The New Positioning

    "I once asked Sir Hugh Rigby, Surgeon to King George V, 'What makes a great surgeon?’ Sir Hugh replied, ‘There isn’t much to choose between surgeons in manual dexterity. What distinguishes the great surgeon is that he knows more than other surgeons.’ It is the same with advertising agents. The good ones know more."
- David Ogilvy, Confessions of an Advertising Man

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